The 5 Lamps Brewery tour and visitor centre is located inside the 1st floor of the Camden Bar on Camden Street. This newly renovated building dates back to the early 1900’s.The building opened as a 400 seat cinema ‘the Camden’ in 1912. It was enlarged and rebuilt in 1920 with 1200 seats in a Neo-Classical style and rebranded “the Camden De Luxe”. Later the exterior was remodelled in Art deco/Egyptian style in 1934 and seating capacity was increased for 1395 patrons. It had a 30ft wide proscenium, a 32ft deep stage and there were six dressing rooms. According to local lore Rita Hayworth attended a screening here in the 1950s! The cinema closed its doors on June 29th 1974. In 1975 it reopened as Ricardo’s amusement hall, the interior hall was split over two floors to accommodate a snooker hall. The stucco ceiling has been fully refurbished and may be familiar to many Commitments fans as the venue was used to host a rendition of “Mustang Sally” in Roddy Doyle’s famous 1991 movie about an aspiring Dublin Soul band with self interviewing manager Jimmy Rabbitte. ‘Jimmy Rabbittes’ is also the name of the small Irish local bar attached to the 5 lamps Camden Bar. This movie is well worth a watch for the music alone.

The 5 lamps Beer is established in 2012 is the brainchild of Brian Fagan along with William Harvey, coaxed out of retirement to become the master brewer for Five Lamps Lager. William is a former Guinness Brewer with over 27 years to his name for the Giant Brewer.’He does all the cool brewing stuff’. His wealth of knowledge and experience has served the 5 lamps well! Fancy getting a deck of Cards with Williams as the joker– we got you covered!. Glasses with our brand language ”Dublinese’ T-shirts and beers are available to purchase in our gift shop at the end of the tour.

The Unique Dublin style of the 5 Lamps brand gives visitors the chance to see a more real and unique version of Dublin. The tour has a 10 min video ‘A Love Letter To Dublin’ [in your own private cinema!] from Dublin singer Imelda may to get you in the know of all things Dublin before you start your tasting session. Our Expert guide will fill you full of the local Dublin slang and all the beers 5 lamps currently have on offer. These include our Trademark 5 lamps Lager, Red Ale, Stout, Irish Pale Ale , Light-Lager and our rotational Seasonal Brew! The Five Lamps Dublin Brewery Tour finishes with a beer tasting of the full Five Lamps range.

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