The Virgin Mary – A SOBAR in Dublin

The Virgin Mary or ‘TVM’ is one of Dublin’s most unique Bars, in this Cosy Bar located on Capel St., [Sraid Capaill or ‘Horse street’ in Irish] which was once upon a time formerly Dublin’s main street, they serve up Non-Alcoholic or low alcohol Delicious Beers and Delicious Cocktails. If you are searching for somewhere where you can experience Ireland’s unique bar atmosphere but without the next day side effects then look no further! Check out their online shop too where you can buy their Non-alcoholic Selection of Beers & Cocktails delivered to your door!

Here are a few words from Sarah one of the Owners of the unique Bar itself:

The Virgin Mary Dublin, which opened its doors in May 2019, is here to offer everyone the kind of great night out that our city is famous for, but with one unique difference… alcohol is off the list!

We’ve created a space in the heart of bustling Capel Street, where people can socialise on a more conscious level and experience a connection that speaks to their lifestyle and wellbeing needs.

TVM has since become the go-to venue for revellers who’re keen to enjoy the complex combination of flavours in an expertly crafted alcohol-free cocktail.

At the helm of the Dublin bar is Anna Walsh, who honed her craft at prestigious bars in both Cork and Dublin and represented Ireland many times at international cocktail events. Our drinks are matched only by the refreshing, one of a kind atmosphere that’s got people all over the world talking!

We are of course named after the world’s most famous alcohol-free cocktail – The Virgin Mary, and its reputation as a pick-me-up has inspired us to create a host of mind-bending drinks to restore, revive, excite and surprise. Our drinks philosophy is simple, our completely original cocktails embody the TVM signature style that is clean, complex and exceptionally balanced. All of our drinks are multi-layered, aromatic and created to stimulate your social appetite. Our entire range of beers, wines and cocktails are 0.5% ABV (the same as a ripe banana) or below.

Unfortunately in light of recent world events, we found ourselves in the position of having to close our doors and switch temporarily to operating an online shop. Our goal was simple, home deliver the best selection of alcohol-free products to people across Ireland in our own inimitable style. We will continue to do this until its possible for us to welcome everyone safely through our doors once again, and we’ll also be keeping our shop going due to its popularity. We’ve created some really interesting drinks kits for people at all stages of their alcohol-free journey.

But we aren’t just bringing our drinks to the people of Ireland. TVM is at the forefront of a socialising revolution having also established the world’s first alcohol-free bar group dedicated to inspiring people to ‘drink different’. The concept for an entirely alcohol-free bar was first conceived by Vaughan Yates, who is the Founder and Creative Director of 1751, known for its prowess in the drinks industry. It quickly became a family affair when sisters Nicola and Sarah Connolly joined forces with Vaughan to establish TVM Global Bar Group. The team is thrilled to be launching its first franchise in the UAE in early 2020.

So here’s to the blending of ingredients and of minds, and to a place where alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean pleasure free!

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