Gaa Sam Maguire

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Ireland has 4 very old and traditional sports that are played every year for the love and passion of the game! There are two main sports Namely Gaelic Football and Hurling, these are closely followed by Camogie and Handball. These games are prehistoric in nature and can be traced back to nearly 3’000 years ago! Trying to describe Gaelic and Hurling doesn’t really do it justice but I will try my best. The best thing to do is look up some youTube videos of these epic ancient games and you will see how skillful and rough these games are. Gaelic football is akin to soccer except that it is monumentally older than soccer and that the ball itself weighs nearly twice that of a soccer ball. The rules are simple. Score a goal it equates to 3 points, put the ball over the bar and this counts as 1 point. The main difference between Gaelic and soccer is that the use of the hands is permitted. Players may punch , hand pass the ball. Also the number of players per team is 15 per side. The player must, while running with the ball, either solo the ball (kick the ball into one’s hands) or bounce the ball, like  a basketball for every 3 steps taken.Try this at blistering speed and you will see just how difficult this is. Hurling on the other hand consists of 15 grown men basically beating each other up with sticks made of Ash with a metal band on the end…while passing at high ‘ferocious’ speed what is pretty much a rock (sliotar) this is a round ball the size and weight of  baseball.In the olden times no protection or helmets were used. Nowadays they all wear helmets, but it is still one of the fastest fieldsports in the world and is very much worth a look if you get time. 

(Hurley and Sliotar)

The best time to enjoy these fast paced games is during the summer months, where all 32 counties in Ireland compete for the All-Ireland championship in Croke park.They all fight for the right to lift the famous Sam Maguire Cup for football (see below ) and the Liam McCarthy trophy for Hurling. If you have a chance it is well worth going to see one of the games played in Croke park stadium. You will be amazed at how skillful these players are and knowing that they only do it on an unpaid amateur basis is spectacular. They are anything but amateur…only in name! They all do it for the love of the game and the passion and pride for each player is evident to see. It’s a must see in your lifetime given the chance!

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Gaa Sam Maguire

(Happy as larry with The Sam Maguire All-Ireland Trophy) : Image by Shane Tighe from Pixabay

 If you are the adventurous type also, you may even try your hand at the beautiful game of Gaelic football.

There is a gaelic football experience right here in Dublin , where you can learn the rules and actually try your hand at scoring a few points or goal’s for yourself. This is a great day out for the individual traveller and also for a group of sport minded people!

You can take the Number 9 bus to Na Fianna football ground located in Glasnevin.

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If you wish to visit Croke park the Gaelic Games stadium & Museum you can do a tour Here!

Croke Park Stadium is Ireland’s largest and most iconic sporting arena and home of Ireland’s National games and Europe’s third largest Stadium. Located in Dublin’s North city centre it offers a tour and museum visit that is designed to showcase the history, culture and traditions surrounding Gaelic games.

Here are some Videos  that should get your appetite watered 

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